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  • The new 9015 barreled action was developed based on the successful ANSCHÜTZ 9003 Premium air rifle barreled action. 

    1 980,00 €
  • The low total weight of 730g (690g on mnodel P11 Piccolo) offers a relaxed training and promises more persistence in competition. The extremely precise trigger ofers various possibilities of adjustment. If necessary, the sight line can be tilted up to +/- 5° with only a few movements. A universal use of the model P11 is possible due to the ambidextrous...

    1 177,00 €
  • Following last year’s highly successful launch of the HÄMMERLI AP20 for gun clubs, Walther has introduced the PRO version, a low-cost match air pistol for price-conscious target shooters. 

    989,00 €
  • The air rifle Model 500 combines easy handling with proved Feinwerkbau quality and precision to a favourable price.

    1 285,00 €
  • Your sport. You’ve discovered the fun of shooting. Then make it your personal sport. Get your own weapon and join a club. WALTHER/HÄMMERLI and your NATIONAL Shooting Federation will help you. Together they are fostering young talent in gun clubs.

    1 259,00 €
  • Hämmerli sporting arms are known for their functionality, longevity and modern design. In addition, they offer excellent value for money. The AP20 permits a large range of custom variations and weighs only 900 g, making it the ideal air pistol for beginners, young people, target clubs and ambitious recreational shooters.

    720,00 €
  • http://jga.anschuetz-sport.com/index.php5?direkt=News[M]&sprache=1&newsID=980

    3 199,00 €
  • The time is right for the E The top model Walther LG400 Expert is now selling with electronic trigger!

    2 999,00 €
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