Air pistols

  • The low total weight of 730g (690g on mnodel P11 Piccolo) offers a relaxed training and promises more persistence in competition. The extremely precise trigger ofers various possibilities of adjustment. If necessary, the sight line can be tilted up to +/- 5° with only a few movements. A universal use of the model P11 is possible due to the ambidextrous...

    1 390,00 €
  • Following last year’s highly successful launch of the HÄMMERLI AP20 for gun clubs, Walther has introduced the PRO version, a low-cost match air pistol for price-conscious target shooters. 

    989,00 €
  • Hämmerli sporting arms are known for their functionality, longevity and modern design. In addition, they offer excellent value for money. The AP20 permits a large range of custom variations and weighs only 900 g, making it the ideal air pistol for beginners, young people, target clubs and ambitious recreational shooters.

    720,00 €
  • For easy filling of compressed air cylinders for rifles or pistols.

    230,00 €
  • Aluminium pistol case for two pistols. Robust hinges and locks. Incredible value Dimensions: 40.5 x 31.5 x 10cms

    47,00 €
  • A perfect pistol-backpack, also a perfect companion for recreational purposes. The outer material is classy but still robust and easy to clean.The thought-out inner sections sort the pistol case as well as boots, ear protectors, glasses and any other items usually required.  Compression strings on the backpack allow carrying closely to the body by volume...

    99,00 €
  • Rotable front sight and rear sight. Patented STEYR Stabilizer from the nearby unbeatable LP 10. Three barrel vents steady the weapon additionally when shot is released. Infinitely adjustable STEYR precision ball bearing trigger.

    1 740,00 €
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