Cleaning accessories

  • Fluna GunCleaner is a high performance barrel cleaning paste for all firearms. Fluna GunCleaner removes powder residue, lead, copper and tombac from all sorts of barrels. For the quick, mechanical cleaning rifled barrels and smooth bores of rifles, pistols and revolvers.

    20,00 €
  • Fluna GunDegreaser is a special cleaner and degreaser for removing oils, fats, waxes etc. Fluna GunDegreaser also removes powder deposits, gunshot residues, dust, hand sweat and much more. Fluna GunDegreaser can be used either manually or with an ultrasonic bath. Cleans residue-free and degreases at the same timeSimple use, does not harm rubber and...

    9,90 €
  • The cotton wicks are pressed into the barrel and remove all residues of gun powder and dirt. The bolt remains on the rifle. For rifles and pistols. Untearable until 60 kg. For all calibers including air rifle. A light-weight set for easy and thorough cleaning. Simply by pulling. Ready for use, no assembly required.

    18,00 €
  • VFG-CLEANING ROD in one piece cal. .22 l.r. - 6,5 mm. Cleaning lenght 900 mm. Outer threat 1/8

    28,15 €