• Open 5-finger-glove from a combination of leather and temperature regulating fabric VELON which give the following advantages: The glove stays soft and smooth even in cold, therefore comfortable wear. Water-resistant and temperature regulating. Top Grip sheet avoids the sliding of the sports weapon. Short thumb and index finger for a problem free loading...

    57,00 €
  • Open 5-finger glove Cut along the knuckles for easy bending. Firm leather material improves stability. Open fingers allow better temperature regulation facilitate loading the rifle with the left hand (thumb and index finger). Corresponds to ISSF- and DSB-rules.

    53,00 €
  • The Standard Open is the economy version of a shooting glove. It is manufactured abroad from simple, low-cost materials. Nevertheless, it provides all the functionality a shooter requires with regard to strength and padding.

    40,00 €
  • Material: 30 % goatskin, 35 % rubber coating, 35% polyurethane Lining: 34% wool, 33% viscose, 33% polyacrylic Colour: blue/black Sizes: XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL

    35,00 €
  • Open 5-finger-glove. - White anti-slide coating. - Stretch band on the wrist. - A favorable alternative to model Short. 

    29,00 €
  • Open 5-finger-glove. • - White anti-slide coating. • - Stretch band on the wrist.  

    34,00 €
  • The CONTACT IV for a sure grip for the rifleman’s trigger hand. Ergonomically cut, no seams around the areas of stress. The ventilating 3D webbing on the back of the glove is very light and highly breathable. The palm area is made from a polyester and polyamide material with a PU surface....

    30,00 €
  • Previous models ware mainly designed to provide maximum padding all round. This meant that the support hand became clumsy and made only minimal contact with the rifle. The new "Premium" model from Sauer achieves the padding effect through individual Biogel pads integrated into the palm and the back of the glove. This keeps the hand supple and considerably...

    60,00 €
  • ahg-Anschütz new special model green apple "Short"

    69,00 €
  • cross slot at the back for better bending. - firm leather material improves the stability- the fingers of the glove are open, thus allowing better regulation of temperature and enabling the loading of the rifle with the left hand (thumb and forefinger)- New extreme adhesive Tog Grip Smooth cover

    58,00 €