• This shooting jacket offers pleasant wearing comfort due to a material mix of firm canvas, soft cowhide as well as sturdy textile leather (Amara). High quality, slip resistant Top Grip pads were used on the elbow and shoulder which provide best grip for the supporting arm in standing position. 

    199,00 €
  • This model ist now available also in suede - canvas combination. The complete left side is made of suede for better adhesion to the anti-slip rubber padding for the standing position. Sling holder on the left sleeve for exact, individual regulations of the target sling. Two straps at the back of the shoulder to prevent the material bulge in prone position. 

    143,50 €
  • ahg-shooting jacket Stenvaag Scorpion FUSION is made from a proven leather-rubber-canvas material mixture in the front part as well as a firm structured but flexible elastomer on a cotton basis in the back part of the jacket. Individual color combinations (see measurement and color...

    655,00 €