ahg shooting boots competition

209,00 €

The entire tongue is a combination of 3-D mesh and a permanently absorbent, reticulating, perforated sponge, well padded tongues absorb pressure which might cause discomfort. A strongly adhesive Velcro is integrated to fix the tongue at the forefoot and the top The 2 leather accents on the boot give stability, combined with the cut of the boot`s body lacing up to the top gives every foot a customized fit. Velcro closure to ensure a snug fit. The stability of the shank in combination with the solid rubber cap gives firm support to the foot. The blue stitching gives the boots a sporty fashion touch. The anatomically supportive inner sole prevents foot fatigue during competition.

Available in sizes: 35 to 51 (3 to 14 1/2). Material: leather Sole: India rubber Made after the latest ISSF rule starting from 1.1.2013