Easy style Flex for pistol shooters

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The new "Easy Style Flex" sports shoe from Sauer enables the wearer to walk in a more relaxed manner. Just like the "Perfect Style Flex", this model has now been fitted with a new sole. This enables the shoe to bend more easily with the roll of the foot and still guarantees a totally flat surface when standing. 


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225,00 €

The new "Easy Style Flex" sports shoe is suitable as a shooting shoe for a variety of disciplines (such as pistol shooting and archery) and can be worn between competitions as casual footwear which fulfils sports orthopaedic requirements. It offers adequate space for the front foot without sacrificing stability. The raised heel area provides relief for the back during prolonged periods of standing – especially appreciated by pistol shooters. The heel cup with its robust wedge shape serves to combat foot fatigue. In order to ensure that the width is ideal at the front foot, the "Easy Style Flex" has a "skate cut". This means that shooters can adjust the shoe to the width of their own feet from the tip of the toes to the end of the shoe body by lacing the shoe up accordingly. In order to keep the surface of the sole flat at all times, we recommend using the shoe stretcher specially developed for the purpose by Sauer.