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  • A perfect pistol-backpack, also a perfect companion for recreational purposes. The outer material is classy but still robust and easy to clean.The thought-out inner sections sort the pistol case as well as boots, ear protectors, glasses and any other items usually required.  Compression strings on the backpack allow carrying closely to the body by volume...

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  • The Kustermann Shooting boot has all of its predecessor's main features what makes a boot more comfortable and steady. The whole boot is made of smooth leather, to achieve an even greater stability.  The reliable 4-zone lacing for optimal position of the toes, instep, lower heel, calf and shinbone. 

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  • Height adjustable nose-bridge I.S.S.F. flip-up translucent eyeshield Accepts all accessories and both size holders Super-matt silver finish Rubberised flexible earpieces Supplied with carry case

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  • The unique formula of Super Nano GUN OIL removes carbon,  displaces moisture, сleans metal, penetrates and lubricates hard-to-reach places. Creates multi-lasting and protection against friction and corrosion for a long time. The product significantly prolongs the life of firearms.

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  • This free pistol has been produced as a result of further design improvements in the medal winning Morini pistols at Olympic and international competitions. Fitted with a single stage electronic trigger as standard it also employs a light sensitive safety that eliminates accidental discharge unless the trigger finger is in position.

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