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  • Previous models ware mainly designed to provide maximum padding all round. This meant that the support hand became clumsy and made only minimal contact with the rifle. The new "Premium" model from Sauer achieves the padding effect through individual Biogel pads integrated into the palm and the back of the glove. This keeps the hand supple and considerably...

    60,00 €
  • Material: Steel, Color: black, Length (mm): 430, Weight (g): 875

    275,00 €
  • Material: 30 % goatskin, 35 % rubber coating, 35% polyurethane Lining: 34% wool, 33% viscose, 33% polyacrylic Colour: blue/black Sizes: XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL

    35,00 €
  • Case construction deep molded, high impact, luggage-grade material designed to withstand severe handling. Interior padding for complete firearm protection with fully convoluted interlokking padding. Continuous hinge piano type for rugged long lasting strength and tamper-proof protection. 

    188,00 €
  • The CONTACT IV for a sure grip for the rifleman’s trigger hand. Ergonomically cut, no seams around the areas of stress. The ventilating 3D webbing on the back of the glove is very light and highly breathable. The palm area is made from a polyester and polyamide material with a PU surface....

    30,00 €
  • http://jga.anschuetz-sport.com/index.php5?produktID=1233&menu=102&sprache=1&produktShow=detail

    2 280,00 €
  • Safety-Box for pellet cans. To avoid the problem of having to handle the adhesive strips on the cans. Simply put the can in the safety box.

    5,00 €