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  • 5-finger-glove closed • black anti-slide coating. • Stretch band on the wrist. 

    34,00 €
  • Your sport. You’ve discovered the fun of shooting. Then make it your personal sport. Get your own weapon and join a club. WALTHER/HÄMMERLI and your NATIONAL Shooting Federation will help you. Together they are fostering young talent in gun clubs.

    1 129,00 €
  • Equally important as the safe transport of a target rifle is the safe transport of its associated high quality ammunition rifle is the safe transport of its associated high quality ammunition.

    33,00 €
  • The new 9015 barreled action was developed based on the successful ANSCHÜTZ 9003 Premium air rifle barreled action. 

    1 980,00 €
  • The new ANSCHÜTZ target small bore barreled action 54.30 is the evolution of the legendary ANSCHÜTZ Match 54 action. The new 54.30 is based on ideas an requirements established in modern target shooting are backed-up with decades of testing and proven components.

    4 119,00 €
  • Aluminium pistol case for two pistols. Robust hinges and locks. Incredible value Dimensions: 40.5 x 31.5 x 10cms

    47,00 €
  • 5-finger glove. Top-class glove of fine and supple leather, with stretch band. Optimized comfortable cut with maximum padding according to ISSF + DSB-rules. Overlayed with non-slip TOP GRIP material. Ventilation patterns on the side back of the hand guarantee best air circulation.

    48,00 €